Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Hey you, welcome to Hey You, Buy My Stuff, the blog where you can buy my stuff.
I have lots of stuff that I have collected over the years -- weird stuff, normal stuff,
all kinds of stuff.

Check here regularly to see the stuff I have for sale -- clothes, furniture, shoes,
instruments, stuff. This stuff is all my stuff. It wasn't bought somewhere else to
sell to you, it's my stuff, and I want to get rid of it.

When I was 18, I moved to LA in search of stardom. I literally sold everything I
owned to fund the trip. At the end of the summer long garage sale I held to sell
it all, I had $3000. Money well spent on a dream deferred.

ANYWAY, here I am in NYC, having come here some years ago, thinking maybe
the dream was hanging out here, waiting for me on a park bench. I didn't find it,
but I have that itchy feeling again, like it's time to SELL ALL MY STUFF.

This is where I live:


If you are in NYC or nearby, you can buy my stuff via -- or
using a check, cash or money order and I can send it to you or deliver it to you, or you can come and pick it up.

If you are not in NYC, you can pay using with check or credit card or send a money order,
and I can send it to you. Email me with any questions at Operators are standing by.

Let's do this!! Stuff for sale! Stuff for sale! Getcher fresh, hot stuff!!

PS -- I don't smoke and I live a clean, serene life, so my stuff is not covered in cooties,
cockroaches or cigarette butts or ashes. Enjoy my clean, cheap stuff, starting with these

These shoes are beautiful, look at them shine! They are marked a 7.5 but they fit my size 8
(sometimes 8.5) feet. They have a silver trim and are aqua with little unicorns all over them.
Get them out of my life. They are $10. $20 delivered in the NYC area. They have been worn about 4 times
and they come with the box. Irregular Choice brand. They were about $100 bucks or something
when I got them brand new at the Irregular Choice store in Soho, NYC.

I also have another pair like them, but they are yellow and have bunny monsters with hearts and blue and pink balls of cotton candy designs on them. They also have a box and are even newer than the unicorn shoes, worn maybe once. They are also $10. $20 delivered in the NYC area.More about Irregular Choice here.

On today's menu, I also have these lovely speakers/monitors for sale:

They are very large. They work. They are $150 for both of them, $175 delivered to you in the NYC area. Please come and get them out of my life. If you would like to come and take a look at them, please email me at

Finally, I have this lovely day bed. It's black wrought iron and you can also have the twin mattress that comes with it and the wood to keep the frame steady (it's an IKEA piece!) It has been slept on mostly by my kitten, and used about 3 times in total. It's a nice bed, it's a twin, please come get it out of my life. $85. $130 delivered in the NYC area.